Convince at least fifty per cent of the inhabitants of the region of Hof van Twente and Salland Zuid to participate in the “Rural Fibreglass” project developed by grid operator Cogas. 




Grid operator Cogas has launched a unique initiative: fibreglass connections in rural areas. This is a first: there has not yet been a Dutch operator who has attempted to connect rural areas to its fibreglass network. In Berkelland, Dinkelland/Oldenzaal/Borne, Hardenberg, Salland Noord, Tubbergen, Twenterand, Wierden/Hellendoorn and Winterswijk 50% of the inhabitants said "Yes" to rural fibreglass and the offerings. These projects were a success, so others will follow.




Calculations from Cogas show that the project is a success when at least fifty per cent of the rural households in the region participate. This is a crystal-clear objective and an exceptionally ambitious project for Artica. What is the best way to campaign in a rural area? Fibreglass’ relevance for the area’s development and its appeal as a site for corporations speak for themselves. All that is left to do is to make people aware of those facts. The issue has to become a hot topic among the local population.

That process is currently ongoing. We are working hard to promote fibreglass via activations, direct mailings and informative meetings. With 19,500 addresses in the region, it is quite a job. We therefore founded the campaign on neighbourliness and make use of ambassadors: residents who are promoting the fibreglass cause out of their own conviction. Everyone knows each other in this area, which allows us to get close and approach the many homeowners almost directly.