Develop a narrative animation that provides insight into the risks of our upcoming digital energy grid. Show how the DENSEK project in this “smart energy grid” offers a solution to impending cyber threats. The animation has to be informative in nature, clearly emphasise the necessity and contribute to the recruitment of new partners. Finally, design a logo that represents DENSEK’s cooperative nature.





To properly understand what DENSEK is and get a good overview of the client’s wishes, we had a lot of meetings and conducted desk research. We drew up a project plan to streamline the process.

The logo was designed by going back to the very core of DENSEK: the energy grid (lines), the cooperation (colours) and the security of our energy grid (shield).

To determine the style of the animation, we created moodboards and collected several voiceovers. We began the animation’s development by coming up with the storyline. This was needed to keep the supply of information in check and to bring attention to the necessity of DENSEK. We turned the storyline into a good, effective script. Together with the client, we selected both a male and a female voiceover. We created storyboards to visualise the texts. During the production process, we played a supervisory role and worked together with Studio MAD for the animations.





The logo is used in all of DENSEK’s commercial expressions. The client uses the narrative animation as a standard part of its presentations for DENSEK. In practice, this had shown to lead to awareness, a clear knowledge transfer and the desired “wow!” effect.