Euroma's Original Spices



Develop a strong consumer brand to market Euroma’s spice mixtures and take care of the entire branding process.



Euroma had to compete with brands such as Silvo, Verstegen and several private labels on supermarket shelves. The company therefore decided to position its new line of unique spice mixtures as a new brand. We were responsible for the entire branding process: from positioning strategy and creation to development and packaging. When we examined supermarkets’ spice shelves, we noticed that many of the products are very similar. There is a lot of unity and tastes can only be differentiated textually. We worked around this issue for Original Spices by assigning each flavour its own unique colour. This helps consumers tell apart the (as yet) unfamiliar product names. Furthermore, the full product range livens up the supermarket shelves.

To emphasise the authenticity and craftsmanship of the melanges, we approached star chef Jonnie Boer (restaurant De Librije). He agreed to become an ambassador for the brand. He supervises the development of new spice mixtures. Jonnie plays a prominent role in the various advertisements and on the website. We present him as a safeguard of good taste and an icon for a high quality standard.



Tasting = convincing. To optimise the purchasing stimulus, we hosted several tasting sessions in Dutch supermarkets. To achieve a similar level of product experience online, we developed an Original Spices Facebook page that focused on providing visitors with tasty inspiration. Around Christmas time – the one moment of the year when everyone goes the extra mile in the kitchen – we shared some of Jonnie Boer’s best Christmas recipes.




The product introduction was a success: Original Spices by Jonnie Boer is available from virtually all major Dutch retailers. The online community grew by 150 per cent around Christmas! A remarkable result for a minimal budget.

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