Create a communication concept for the employer branding of Grolsch. Show what it stands for: genuine characters.

Position Grolsch as an employer brand, based on her current brand identity. Think about what tone-of-voice and look-and-feel would work best to recruit and represent employees. Make sure current employers have a recognizable role in this.



Grolsch is about genuine character. We decided to take on ‘fake representation’ in a world where everything seems to be so polished. We did so by using Grolsch-employees ‘just’ as they are. As their true self.

In photography we translated this by using extreme, unpolished close-ups of different colleagues. Because you can capture someone’s true nature by looking them straight in they eye. While at the same time really observing them. We didn’t just show Grolsch-faces. We portrayed their character: loud and clear. And by doing so we also communicated the core values of Grolsch.

In video we showed genuineness by having colleagues make the content on their own. With a body cam and a pocket cam. Not just during office hours, also after that! We got up-close with the colleagues and managed to capture their spontaneity.



From mood video to website header. And from social media templates to promotional assets for colleges and their open days. One strong message reflected in each and every asset we developed. Unconventional, proud, authentic, full of character and skilled... it all fits ‘realness’ within Grolsch perspective. That was what mainly inspired us in showing Grolsch’s character. But just as much it’s that realness which helps you to attract new colleagues that perfectly fit your picture. What you see is what you get.