Grolsch Brouwhuys & Grolsch Brouwerijtour

This year marks Grolsch’s 400-year anniversary. Four centuries of craftsmanship and character. This is a true one-of-a-kind experience for the beer brand and all the more reason to extensively celebrate its rich history with beer lovers all over the world. We were allowed to help design this memorable milestone for the unconventional beer brewers from Grolle.

Counting down

Four hundred years of Grolsch, that is an anniversary to anticipate. To increase momentum, we developed a giant countdown timer that was installed on the façade of the Grolsch factory in Enschede. The beer brewery counted down to 16:15 PM on 11 May 2015: the exact moment at which the founder of Grolsch, Willem Neerfeld, opened his Grolsch beer brewery on the Kevelderstraat in Groenlo 400 years before.


The site where Willem Neerfeld established his brewery in Grolle four hundred years ago is currently home to café/party centre De Lange Gang. The basement of this establishment houses the “original source;” the well from which Neerfeld got the water to make his beer.

In early 2014, Artica was approached with a difficult problem. We were asked to develop a Grolsch experience in the basement of De Lange Gang, all while preserving the café’s role in the local community. We certainly could! We developed the Grolsch tour: a virtual trip through Grolsch’s rich history that introduces visitors to the brewers’ craftsmanship and unique character. The visitors are welcomed in the anteroom of the café, after which they go below ground to travel back in time and return to the source!


Real stories

We turned the old well into an interactive source of information. We shot seventeen short films of former Grolsch employees relating characteristic anecdotes and stories that signify the development of the brand’s illustrious history. Visitors use an iPad to decide which piece of Grolsch history they wish to experience next.

Behind the source, on the wall of the vaulted basement, a short film displaying the story of a young Peter Kuyper is shown. He entered into Willem Neerfeld’s service and laid the foundation for the characteristic taste of Grolsch beer as we know it today. We worked closely together with Studio MAD on the production of this film.


In 2007, we developed the Grolsch Brewery Tour: a tour through Grolsch’s new hypermodern brewery in Enschede. With the 400-year anniversary fast approaching and a wealth of new, fantastic footage available, an update was clearly overdue. A shortened version of the Grolsch [hier ontbreekt tekst]