Create an identity for the product HEKS’NKAAS® and develop this into a strong brand. Distance the product from its former mother company Zuivelhoeve without weakening its provincial character or traditional roots. Position this now independent brand on the market.




Making a brand autonomous is a two-phase process. Firstly, we created the new identity. Next, we developed a communication plan. Based on the brand values and the choices we made during the process, we landed on a positioning based on the pay-off “full of temptation.” Each bite of HEKS’NKAAS® creates a smile on your face. It is all about the fresh ingredients and a touch of magic.

We developed a new style and were responsible for the entire graphical development process of virtually all means of communication, such as advertisements and flyers. We were also responsible for the website, where we applied a parallax scrolling function to reveal the story behind this magical dip/spread.




HEKSN’KAAS® has been given a clear identity of its own, which allows the brand to stand out on the market. There are also sufficient points with which to load this unique brand. The introduction of the new Tomato-Basil flavour is kept in line with the existing design of the product range.