Increase brand recognition for the Vivera brand on the Dutch market and in relation to its competitors. Give the brand a unique face on supermarket shelves and in the food service industry.



Vivera produces meat substitutes: delicious, mostly vegetable-based products that are a responsible addition to one’s daily meals. Studies have shown that around 4.5 per cent of the Dutch population is vegetarian or vegan. Furthermore, 14.8 per cent of the people eat meat no more than twice a week. The remaining 80.7 per cent of the population also represents a market with growth opportunities for Vivera, we found.

Our new positioning focuses mostly on this group of “latent flexitarians.” We deliberately abandoned terms like “vegetarian” and “meat substitute” to avoid the negative connotations these terms carry among this new target audience. The trick was to load Vivera’s many possibilities for variation in one’s cooking. That resulted in the pay-off: “Vivera. The delicious variation.” This approach also guided the website we developed for the brand.



We worked hard to profile Vivera as a deliciously variable meal component. Furthermore, we developed a media and communication plan and a new appearance for Vivera.